My eyelash extension nightmare.

So for my birthday I decided to give myself a gift. A friend of mine told me about a place to get eyelash extensions for half the price of a normal set. I would be “modeling” them for her business page so it was a win win for both of us. My friends lashes looked so beautiful, and since I hadn’t done anything like that for myself in a while, I took the plunge. It took about two hours to complete on the Friday before my birthday. The Tech was so nice and honestly the whole process was very relaxing. When they were finished I was in love. They were gorgeous!!!

They were long and curled up beautifuly, I mean the damn things were touching my eyebrows. I went home with no issue and was really feeling myself. Que Beyonce music.

About four hours in, at the gym with my cousin she told me my eyes were super bloodshot. I racked it up to the fact that my eyes were being touched and prodded all day. I went home and got ready for bed. By the time my husband got home from work my eyes were swollen, completely blood red to the point that I looked like a vampire, and itchy as hell. I contacted the lady who did them and she said that the glue she used was the least amount of potency and it hadn’t caused an issue on any other clients to date. Enter Marquise….as the unluckiest person on planet Earth I was patient zero. I was having a severe allergic reaction to the glue used to apply the lashes or the fibers themselves. I spent the entire next day trying to remove them.

It was truly heartbreaking to pluck those babies out. I then had to visit urgent care, was put on steroids, a cream and drops. I had developed Chemical pink eye over the course of the reaction…which Is apparently a thing. It is now Monday and my eyes are looking…”better” I guess but they still hurt, itch and my vision is a mess.

As a spoonie with weird allergies and unexplainable ailments I should have probably done my research. Something like this never even crossed my mind. So the moral of the story is autoimmune diseases or not BE AWARE of the risks associated with procedures like this and weigh the pros and cons. After doing some reading it turns out this can happen at any time, even if you’ve had lashes for years before hand. Ask questions and educate yourself. Because this is by far the dumbest thing I’ve ever done for vanity.

I do want to state this is in no way the techs fault. She does beautiful work and has been super kind and helpful through all of this.

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